One of the most important things in any AvaTrade review is analyzing the key features that it offers, and how those features can help people to make the best decisions with the trading strategy. AvaTrade offers two options for trading: AvaTrader or MetaTrader 4.

AvaTrader is the proprietary trading system here, and it boasts a lot of powerful features that will enable just about anyone to have success. AvaTrade allows you to keep an eye on markets, and it also allows you to execute Forex and CFD trades from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. AvaTrade is also known for its set of powerful tools that will enable you to apply your own guidelines while formulating the right type of trading strategy for your situation.

MetaTrader 4 is a trading platform that is also included that allows you to execute Forex trades, and also indices and commodities trades. MetaTrader 4 is known for being both powerful and flexible, and it even includes the ability to execute free auto-trading.